Development & Consulting Services

We create tools to cut your number of repetitive tasks. We provide a range of applications –from small life-saver scripts, to fully developed cloud-based applications– that resolve your specific, unfulfilled needs.

We integrate diverse data sets by: creating ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) processes; by converting and refactoring data; and by providing data curation tools to enable you to go from “kind of good enough” to “totally cool”. We specialize in tackling complex data sets and messy information.

We believe that organizations thrive when Subject Matter Experts can truly leverage their expertise –being able to express their needs and not simply being told what to do. We help SMEs to be more creative, and thereby more productive.

Filling the Gaps

What We Do

We specialize in building the parts that are missing from centralized IT –thereby enabling people to be more efficient, to exercise greater control over their tasks, and to be more fulfilled in their work.

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Dodge repetitive ordeals

We help you automate everyday tasks

Custom-made apps

We create user interfaces that we design with you.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

User Involvement

We use technology to empower users

Technology should help people achieve their goals, not to inadvertently constrain their abilities.

Unleashed creativity boosts productivity.

AI is helpful, but it requires more precision.

Our Data Processing Services

Get the Data To Work for you

We specialize in extracting data from a variety of formats, including Spreadsheets, Databases, JSON, XML, SGML, HTML, Word. We use existing software libraries. When necessary, we create new parsers to address specific data structures. We design the extraction models by discussing with our customers.

We do not believe in the one-size-fits-all. For many years, organizations have squandered time and resources when designing database models, document structures, and ontologies. Meanwhile, connectivity becomes more important as the number of these tasks expands. We emphasize flexible data models that don’t become obsolete.

Sometimes it is necessary to harmonize the data sets around a common model, and to convert data sources from one format to another. We specialize in long-term conversion techniques, that allow a continuous flow of data to keep arriving, and that provide dynamic transformation processes according to your evolving requirements.

Data sources, once integrated, often need to be tweaked to adapt to changing conditions and new requirements. We consider that data can always be transformed to smoothly fit into ever-changing environments. We propose refactoring techniques that preserve the ability to use data over the long term, alleviating the need to completely renew the information system.

Data is mostly acquired by automated algorithms powered by Artificial Intelligence techniques. These processes can be enhanced by machine-learning algorithms that over time provide more accurate results. Even then, the overall quality may prove insufficient for zero-fault-tolerant environments. We provide curation techniques that offer a way to manually enhance the result of the automated processes to let humans have the final word.

Data obtained through AI processes is often good enough. But there are cases where you need 100% accuracy. Machine-learning algorithms may help you get where you need to be, but there are cases where manual intervention is required. We help you find the appropriate balance between automated processes and manual data refinement. We are using tools that we build to help you achieve this goal.

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