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Keep Up With Your Content

When your information is diverse and constantly changing.

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Information does get messy

Your content matters. It needs to be trustworthy, reliable, accurate and easily searchable. Your content is made of sources in diverse formats, possibly in various languages. You want to keep it diverse and well organized.

Our flexible and sustainable approach aims at freeing our customers from facing high costs when their content evolves, in a way that was not always planned for.

We provide working solutions that meet the challenges of today's complex information management needs.

Our tools, at a glance

Infoloom provides software as a service aimed at helping you dynamically organize and connect the topics you define.

Our tools suite has been designed to make it easy for subject matter experts to fine tune their content.

Our toolkit includes automatic processes to extract meaningful topics and a user-friendly interface to tweak the results so that they accurately reflect your needs.