The Topic Curation Suite

Our offer: a service based on a combination of consulting services and a technology that contains:

- INGESTOR. automatic ingestion based on a series of rules that we define together: for example, extract all headers and subheaders as topics. Leverage your existing metadata. Or give a list of terms you want to look for in the content to retrieve relevant items. Ingestion can be coupled with other semantically based technologies that take advantage of specific requirements. If you are using such a system and are satisfied by it, by all means, keep it, and we'll design a way to connect it to our topic curation toolkit. If you are not using such a system, we'll design a customized ingestion mechanism to fit your needs.
- CURATOR. a topic curation toolkit that let you visualize your navigation upfront and let you modify everything you need: how many names you want to use for a topic, the relations between topics, etc.
- PUBLISHER. a publishing engine that will make your information navigable according to the topics you care about, and will offer access to your source documents.

Software as a Service

We are making the Curation Engine available as a service to our customers who can manage their topic database on our server. This software is designed to be available from any connected device: computer, or mobile. You can tweak your information from anywhere, using a secure Internet connection.

If you prefer to get our engine integrated to your environment, our API is pluggable to customer-specific ingestion and publishing engines, and we'll help you connect our technology with your environment.

We charge a subscription fee for use of our technology, plus optionally a license fee to let you use our engine in your environment, if needed.

We are building a community of users, who share the development costs. If you need a feature that is currently not implemented, we will present you with a fixed cost estimate and time frame to build this add on to suit your needs. Once the new feature is ready, it will be available for other users at no extra cost for them, unless you need an exclusivity clause that is available for an extra fee. (Needless to say, your information content is not being shared with any one else). This model helps us enrich our features incrementally, and reduces costs for users who are not charged for any of the development costs having occurred before.