We can help you design and improve your document workflow by optimizing XML components.

  • User Requirements: We work with teams of authors to design custom applications according to your needs. Applications comprise XML document schemas, as well as automated processes to optimize production. We conceive this work as mainly consulting, because we design applications that are highly customized to our client needs.
  • Schema Design: We design schemas in close to our clients, to ensure best quality standards and ease of use. We emphasize editorial needs over engineering.
  • Web Site Design: the structure of the web pages we create is designed to privilege ease of use by the end users. It's often more work to design easy to use web pages than stuffing lots of features on pages. Our web pages are compliant with the standards that are chosen by our clients: typically, we design web sites using HTML5, XHTML, with CSS3
  • XSL Transformations: we create and maintain XSL Stylesheets, which may contain powerful transformations for sophisticated rendering.
  • XSL FO for production of PDF. We help our clients produce automatically PDF pages from XML sources.
  • We use SGML when needed instead of XML, and we port SGML applications to XML.