Your Content Matters Make sure your customers find relevant information
Highlight Leverage Your Information Assets
Flexibility Gradual Improvements
Full Control Don't let algorithms drive your content

With Infoloom Inc. services, you can:

  • Help your customers efficiently find the content that is relevant to them.
  • Easily create simple and complex ways to navigate your information.
  • Make your information available to international users.
  • Work gradually, at your own pace.

Leverage Your Information Assets

Your company is relying on the unique content you create, own, aggregate and maintain. Your added value comes from the quality of the information you provide to your customers. You need to make sure that your clients can easily find what they need.

You have tried search engines and although they give you a pretty good number of hits, there are still parts of your content that they fail to retrieve. If you are using a proprietary system, you can't alter the search results according to your specific needs. If you have customized the results, you get more interesting results, but that may not always be specific enough to exactly fit very specific needs.

Or, you have invested in deploying taxonomies, thesauri and/or metadata architecture. Meetings have been organized, experts have met and agreed on a grand schema to rationally organize the information according to concepts, products, proper names, etc. However, after an initial period where results have been satisfying, you may have experienced that over time the grand schema tends to wear off, and the accuracy of the taxonomies you have spent so much time is taking a toll. Your users may report cases where they couldn't find what they need, simply because you couldn't anticipate all the unheard-of, weird situations that came up. Because of the way your information system has been set up, it may be difficult, sometimes impossible, for you to adjust quickly. You may even reach a point where you think you may be better starting all over again from scratch, but you hesitate because of the costs and efforts involved. Instead, try considering a gradual approach to flexible information management, based on gradual improvements over time.

Use Common Sense to Save Big!

Imagine you just moved in a new house. You have paid attention in advance to many details, and have filled the closets, armoires, and drawers with your belongings according to carefully designed principles. For a week or two, your house is very well ordered. As time passes, you start to ignore the ordering principles, and you start to spread things around and over time your house gets messier and messier. Dust starts to settle in. As things start to get wild, you may decide to expand and get a new house. Or, you'll do the reasonable thing: some housekeeping.
Tools can help: a vacuum cleaner will get you further along than a broom.

We provide the equivalent of housekeeping for managing your information and keeping it clean. We create tools that are made available to you as a service to enable you to fine tune your content, painlessly, on a continual basis, at your own pace.

You may be looking at potentially big savings over time.

Take full control over your content.

We understand that what we are proposing goes against the widespread idea that technology will take care of everything for you. In today's tech world, you are told that revolutionary new software will handle your information needs magically for you, instead of you. That's fine if you are dealing with lots of information coming in that you don't know about. But if you know your content, and you want to make sure that it's used at its full potential, our approach is likely more appropriate for you. Our idea is that technology can help you ease your work while empowering you by giving you a high level of control on what you want to do.

Our approach works best for companies who have a clear vision of their content, and want to make sure that their customers can painlessly find what they need. If your business is in publishing, manufacturing, if your are a governmental agency or NGO, you should look no further. Try us!