Use Cases
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The U.S. Internal Revenue Service has long deployed Infoloom’s topic maps solutions to improve the accuracy and speed with which the IRS can deliver information to individual taxpayers, tax professionals, and businesses.

Under Congressional oversight, the IRS was compelled to improve the accuracy of inquiries from the public in their call centers, and the IRS looked for ways to group all the information relevant to given topics on single pages.

The IRS chose Infoloom for two reasons:

  1. Infoloom has pioneered this realm of knowledge management. We’re known for co-creating the ISO Topic Maps international standard for organizing data in a graph of interconnected topics, wherein each topic uniquely represents a subject, regardless of what that subject is called.
  2. The IRS required a solution that would be easy for its staff, and for the financial and accounting professionals, to navigate. IRS experts could not be diverted by needing to produce new information, nor by having to learn new technologies. The process by which Tax Map was produced relied on dynamically extracting data already present in IRS sources.

The Tax Map production service operated between 2002 and 2019.

The IRS’s Tax Map solution is the antecedent of our Networker platform.

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Infoloom worked in a experimental project lead by the NYU Library Digital Services with Academic Presses aimed at connecting contents of books together using their indexes.

Infoloom built a software tool to curate extracted information. The application developed in this project was later modified, its usage was generalized to include generic use cases, and became the Networker.

About one hundred indexes were extracted from ebooks, resulting in around 45,000 terms. Entries were related with subentries, and cross-references links were built.

One of the innovative features of this application is that it shows on every book page the topics that are indexed on the page, as in the picture above. Every index entry that is present in another location, is represented as a link that provides direct access to other pages relevant to the selected subject, in the same book or in other books in the collection.


Infoloom is currently working in a project of mapping between various standards used in the Accounting and Audit domain, in order to foster interoperability between overlapping specifications.

The goal of this project is to enable governments to accept multiple standards used by businesses to do financial reporting and auditing.