Infoloom’s Networker platform

A separation of concerns—with Subject Matter Experts in charge of information management—is possible because Infoloom's design combines AI with human curation. For us, that means a pre-existing, flexible data graph structure with a RESTful API and a user-friendly interface which is independent from the backend.

The Networker’s AI-based algorithms acquire the data and process it into a graph that we construct according to the requirements of the Subject Matter Experts who’re responsible for attaining insights from the data. The import and export scripts connect to the Networker’s powerful API and are created either by us or (if preferred) by the client organization’s IT personnel.

Anyone who knows a programming language (e.g. Python) can immediately import into and export from our platform — without being restricted from using any of the selected language's valuable features.

The Networker platform has three parts:

  1. We integrate and connect existing data into a topic network by using customized models created from every dataset the organization provides. Those include databases, spreadsheets, web pages, structured or unstructured documents. Once the patterns for acquiring information have been defined, we can quickly create the ingest scripts. We can also train our clients' teams to use our API to write their own import scripts.
  2. Subject Experts can easily edit —merge, split, link, unlink, rename, comment— the data acquired by those algorithms.
  3. Custom queries can be created to export data from the graph, and the results can be used for visualization, to produce reports, create a static web site, and more. Subject Matter Experts can produce concurrent reports, with filtered information depending on multiple criteria like language, access rights, domain relevance, etc.
Designed for the Subject Matter Experts: Open, so the platform can be integrated into information architectures.

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