July 2020. Fast Export

It's becoming easier to export data out of the Networker.

We are now providing blazing fast exports to spreadsheets (CSV), as well as HTML, XML and JSON. We went from incredibly long times for exporting to a few seconds, by modifying the underlying process of exporting, directly from the internal database.

This change now positions the Networker into a chain of software components. You can now use it to populate a content management system, a publishing system, which can be repopulated as soon as the content is modified.

June 2020. Lockdown activities

Listening to our customers requests, we have decided to use our time available during lock-down to create more features that are useful in many cases.

Share as you go

It is now possible to share the content of the Networker knowledge base by providing access to a web site that is using a user interface resembling the Networker interface, but which is read-only.

By default, the access to this web site is restricted to a group of people who share a common login (user name, password).

We can also lift the password-access restriction, to let you publish on the Web the work as it evolves.

Any change you make in the regular, editable version of the Networker is immediately reflected in the read/only version.

This interface has been designed to look as close as possible to the Networker version.

We will be providing customization on demand, to make this version consistent with the graphic design requirements of your organization.

Find your path

It is hard to find one's way into a graph, where every node can be connected to any number of others.

Taxonomies are easier to navigate. You can only go up and down. We have added a "breadcrumbs" feature to our taxonomy module, which is used in the "up" and "down" panel. It is now possible to visualize not only the term which is immediately up in the hierarchy, but all the ones that are higher, until the root.

This is similar to navigating a family tree, going up the chain of ancestors until the first one known.

More international features

We have added the ability to create multiple text fields on each page, with the ability to declare a language for every field.

In addition to the previous feature of settings languages on names, multilingual features also now encompass descriptions.

Custom exports will allow us to create specific versions of the knowledge base in different languages.

Export to Spreadsheet

We have added a default export to CSV (Comma Separated Value) format, which is a table format accepted by all spreadsheet software.

We expect our customers to request custom export to fit their specific needs.

The Networker at the Knowledge Graph Conference 2020
May 2020

The Networker was used to create a knowledge graph of the Knowledge Graph Conference 2020.

Data was provided in RDF by the conference organizers, containing information about the presenters, their organizations, the papers they delivered, the topics they talked about. It is available at: Github

Use this link to navigate the version produced with the Networker.

An instance of the Networker containing that data was made available to the attendees, for editing, during the conference.

If you are interested to see the editable Networker application used to produce the read-only version, send us a mail at [email protected]