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Publishing Services

We help publishers transition to the digital age.

The publishing industry is undergoing radical transformations. If you wonder how to leverage your content to media such as tablets, e-readers and mobile devices, you are at the right place. We can help you transition to the digital age.

Our expertise is in XML applications for publishing. We have been contributing to the design of XML and related standards, and we have been working for more than two decades to transition publishing applications into XML.

We have been working mainly with government agencies as well as industries to help them modernize their publication process. We are therefore fully equipped to help commercial publishers move to the era of digital publishing, understand how to get up to speed and play a major role in today's market.

Digital Publishing Services

  • You are a publisher and you want your users to find what's relevant to your products. You want to be in control of the navigation techniques used to search your content.
  • You are publishing on multiple platforms, including web sites and ebooks.
  • You have a collection of documents currently spread out across the board that you wish to assemble.
  • You want minimal impact on your workflow and you don't want to invest in a heavy, expensive content management system. You don't think of yourself as an IT shop and want to continue focusing on the content.
  • You frequently update your content and need your published materials to be regenerated
  • You want the production process to be transparent, so that you can audit it, to refine and improve the overall quality of your products.

We provide a set of digital publishing services aiming at answering the needs stated above.

If one of the above statements applies to your situation, it is very likely that we can help you achieve your goals. Click on one the links on this page to know more about our services.