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The Topic Curation Toolkit

The “Topic Curation Toolkit” (TCT) is a web application, usable on desktops and mobiles, to maintain meaningful link sets to web pages or other materials, organized by topics. The acquisition of topics is made through combining customized algorithms designed to extract information from consistently structured sources with an intuitive user interface, enabling users to create topics by hand from any available source. Every topic can be further organized into categories, related to other topics, and can receive multiple names, including using multiple languages.

TCT has been deployed in a project for the NYU Library to develop Innovative Open Access Monographs. It is currently envisioned to replace Tmloom, the Infoloom technology that we are using to produce Taxmap (, a topic-centric way to access tax information, renewed every week. Taxmap was originally designed for the IRS call centers and is now available for all. It provides more efficient and accurate information to taxpayers, with information being constantly updated: every week, a new version of Taxmap is released using this technology, integrating new information with automatically updated links.

We provide a tool able to deliver accurate, up-to-date information that could be maintained collaboratively, aimed to track the most recent changes in information sources.

Typically, TCT can be used as a collaborative tool maintained by accredited users, and viewable by everybody using their smartphones.

A demo is available on demand.

Please send us an email with "Request Demo" in the subject and we'll provide you a link to the demo.