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Add Ebooks to Your Delivery Platforms

You are a company handling information which is technical, legal, financial, medical, scientific, regulatory, governmental, etc., and you are producing reference materials, user manuals, reports, compilations, dictionaries, catalogs, part numbers listings, etc. You have a permanent flow consisting of issuing documents and sending them to your customers. Today, you are producing these materials mostly in HTML and PDF formats. We can help you enhance your customers' experience by providing formats suited to ebook readers and tablets in addition to the formats you already support.

We tailor the production process so that we can handle an important number of documents with diverse structures. Then we use an automatic production process. Once configured, our process of producing new documents and transforming them into ebooks is straightforward. It also enables us for fast delivery of new version of your documents as often as you update them.

In order to ensure high quality products, we carefully review the materials we produce, and will issue a series of guidelines, customized to fit your needs, to reach the quality of delivery on multiple ebook platforms. Depending on the complexity of your sources, we may recommend changes to the sources to optimize the rendering in ebook formats.

We process documents to be rendered, depending on your needs, in the following formats: EPUB (versions 2 and 3), MOBI and KF8. Other formats can be envisioned on a per-case basis.

Our ebooks contain tables of contents, cross-references, links to the Web. We can optionally add indexes, glossaries, specialized reference tables, according to your needs.

We also produce ebooks which are collections of several "books". Ebooks may contain master indexes, with pages for each topic containing links to the relevant pages, and to related topics.

Your e-books as Topic Maps

Ebooks can be enriched with indexes, which resemble back-of-the-book indexes, only richer.

The unique feature "Ebooks as Topic Maps" contains alphabetic lists of topics similar to an index.

Each index entry links to a page, that contains all information available on every topic, including

  • links to where the topic occurs in the book,
  • links to web sites relevant to each topic.
  • links to related topics, mentioning, when applicable, the type of relation.

If you have a topic database, an RDF repository, a taxonomy, or an ontology, the relevant information to be inserted in the topic pages of the ebooks.

The "topic map" is entirely customizable by you. We will disclose all automatic rules that will be applied to extract and display the topics, and you will be able to fine tune the topic information to fit your needs.