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Content Delivery


We offer services to help publishers streamline their workflow when switching to an XML-based production system.

We offer a unique way to leverage publishing of collections of ebooks with our approach: Ebooks as topic maps.

Our Topic Delivery Engine provides you with several ways to exploit the topic information:


The live output of the Topic Curation Editorial Interface enables you to browse your content. You can differentiate between different categories of users by allowing various permission types. For example, the editors would have write access, while your customers have read-only access.


Our Delivery Engine is able to create static HTML versions of your information, by creating topic pages that link to either your original sources, or a modified version of the sources.  The look of the output pages can be designed by customizing CSS stylesheets.

These pages can be re-created automatically each time you need to republish an updated version of your website.


Our Delivery Engine can alternatively produce an API containing your content with the topic map, to feed your own delivery engine in your existing content management system. The export formats which are mostly used are JSON and XML. We can also export your content in SQL.