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Content Audit

There are several reasons why you want to audit your content:

  • trace back the provenance of information items.
  • quality control over the content
  • manage the workflow
  • master the security of your information repository

Infoloom proposes an experimental approach, based on innovative research, to help you design ways to better control what is going on in your information systems.

Our approach relies on treating processes and information items at the same level. It is based on a model we call the Data Projection model.

More information on the data projection model can be found here.

Resources on Data Projection

The Data Projection Model has been implemented to audit the content of Taxmap and was presented at different venues:


2016-07-12, Taking Information Into Accounts, Artificial Intelligence Camp, United Nations, New York, July 12, 2016.


2015-04-18, The Data Projection Model, Semiotics Web Meetup, New York, April 18, 2015.


2010-06-23. Information Made Accountable. The Data Projection Model, Semantic Conference, San Francisco, June 23, 2010.


2009-10-14. Taking Information Into Accounts. The Data Projection Model", Philadelphia, XML User Group, October 14, 2009.

2009-02-17. "Demo presentation: Auditing Information Systems", From E-Gov to Connected Governance, Washington DC, February 17, 2009.


2008-04-10. The Data Projection Model (PDF), SGML/XML Users' Group, Washington DC, April 16, 2008


2007-07-24. The Data Projection Model. Making Information Auditable (PDF Version), (Powerpoint), July 24, 2007, Bobst Library, New York University, New York.


2006-10-11. The Melting Pot of Information: Enabling Multiple Perspectives, including Auditing (PDF version), October 10-11, 2006, Fifth Semantic Interoperability Conference, MITRE, McLean, Virginia. Powerpoint version.HTML version.

2006-03-14. Multiple Perspectives: From Wishful Thinking to Implementation, Introduction to the Data Projection Model (PDF version), Collaborative Expedition Workshop #49, March 14, 2006, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland. Workshop Agenda and Powerpoint Version.

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