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The Networker

We provide consulting and software services to help you integrate and curate your content.

Our leading edge technology, The Networker, is a Swiss army knife for Knowledge Management. It is designed to be respond to the following business needs:

  1.  Integrate legacy and current data in multiple forms with custom scripts.
  2. Express information that doesn't fit into rigid schemas (databases, XML, spreadsheets).
  3. Curate inaccuracies in the results produced by automated processes.
  4. Enhance the productivity of Subject Matter Experts with an easy to use interface, with zero learning curve.
  5. Empower developers to access the full power of a programming language (Python) to access the API.
  6.  Enable recurring content cleaning and therefore remove the need of obsolescence.

Import / Curate / Export

The Networker is a cloud-based service made of import/export custom scripts and a curation interface.

Import / Curate / Export


Integrating various sources into a knowledge graph is not only a question of reading files in different formats. It also means that customized integration models have to be defined. For example, a spreadsheet containing three columns: First Name, Last Name, and Company can be imported by creating one topic for each person (whose name is acquired by grouping their first name and last name) and creating a link whose semantics is "works for" to the data in the corresponding column for Company. 

This is why every import needs to be automated with a script that reads the input data and populates the topic database with a script that uses the API. 





The Networker container several techniques for curating data, which are presented in the demo available below:

  • Creation of new topics
  • Creation of relations to new topics with user-defined roles. Related topics can be created on the fly.
  • Split a topic into different topics, assigning properties to each derived topics.
  • Merge two topics into one.
  • Ability to designate a topic with different names
  • Ability to use the same name for different topics, via a disambiguation mechanism.
  • Ability to change relation semantics, as well as the order in which topics are connected.
  • More on essential features.

Download Demo (89MB .mov)




The Networker contains the ability to create a static HTML web site, which is a read-only version of the data contained in the database. The demo features a straightforward export of the data. However, filters can be set to only export a part of the data and can be done on a customized basis.

The export to JSON or XML can also be customized to contain data presented with object  or element names that are directly usable in other applications.

Other export can be provided depending on the formats and data structures for specific environments.



Our approach is based on Topic Maps and Data Projection.