IRS Tax Map

TaxMap is a product that we make in cooperation with Plexus Scientific and Coolheads Consulting for the Internal Revenue Service.

TaxMap is an electronic research tool used by telephone call sites as well as by taxpayers. TaxMap is based on a network navigational model (Topic Maps), which enables research by subject. It has been designed to be easy to use, and its production does not require any change in workflow. TaxMap is made using a combination of automatic processes and human input by IRS tax experts. We use TMLoom to produce TaxMap.

TaxMap contains the IRS forms, instructions, and publications, the tax law Frequently Asked Questions, and TeleTax topics. Versions available to the public contain IRS forms and instructions and the IRS publications.

TaxMap exploits the extensive use of XML and SGML at IRS.

The TaxMap version for assistors is available only on the IRS Intranet.

Two CD-ROMs are published that contain Taxmap. They can be ordered from the IRS online.

Click here to order the Tax Products CD (Publication 1796).

Tax Map Small Business Cd

February 13, 2009. IRS is now publishing Tax Map on the Web, and the contents is frequently updated when new publications and forms are published. Tax Map is available at

Experimental version of TaxMap

Presentations of Tax Map

2006-03-08. Topic Mapping: An inventor's perspective. History, Present and Future. Illustrated with TaxMap, a Topic Map implementation at the IRS, Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia XML Users Group.

"The IRS Tax Map", Michel Biezunski, presented at XML Europe 2003 Conference, May 5-8, 2003, London, UK.