Consulting and Training

We provide strategic consulting for CIOs, project managers, developers and content experts.

Seminars and workshops can be organized on demand.

Here is a list of subjects that we cover.

  • Information Mapping models
  • Disambiguation, Subject colocation
  • Organization of occurrences by types
  • Typing of semantic relations
  • Visualization Schema Design According to various audiences
  • Filtering of Information. Confidentiality, Privacy.
  • Auditing of information systems
  • Extended Financial Reporting
  • Documented Accounting
  • Tracking of redundancies in an information system and within an organization
  • Automatic Processing versus Human input
  • Aggregation of diverse taxonomies and ontologies
  • Design of Models to build Dynamic taxonomies on the fly.

All our workshops and training seminars are tailored according to our clients' specific needs. Please let us know what your needs are.