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If you answer yes to any of the following questions, it's likely that we can help you fulfill your goals:

  • You want to create collections of documents that were previously isolated.
  • You publish documents in multiple languages and want to synchronize the various versions.
  • You want your readers to navigate according to topics that you know are relevant to your content.
  • You want to control the results of the search engine.
  • You want to enable your users to navigate quickly according to specific topics of interest located within the pages.
  • You want to make your technical, legal, medical, financial information available on ebook readers.
  • Your information is constantly being updated. You need your online publications to reflect these changes quickly and reliably
  • You want to guarantee that the work involved to maintain these numerous links is minimal, and that there will be no broken links.
  • You want to change the structure of the documents you are currently with minimal impact on your workflow.