How we work

Organizing your content can be done independently of your original content is. If your content is already structured, or if it has been enriched with metadata, we'll help you exploit what you already have. If your content is unstructured, you will still be able to qualify what it represents. Our ingestion technique is highly customizable, and will take advantage of all the indicators that are exploitable. We'll help you design specific content extractors to automate tagging. In other cases, it may makes more sense for you to manually tag your content.

Your topics can be represented with more than one term. As in thesauri or taxonomies, you may have synonyms, terms "used for" others, or hidden terms that can be used for searching but are not being displayed (for example, frequent typos you know some of your users are likely to make). You may also use the same term for various topics. For example, you may want to use "New York" for the city and also for the "state". Built-in disambiguation techniques can help you take care of this.

Our multilingual features are aimed at international users speaking various languages. You will have only to maintain one information network but will be able to filter terms by language so that your customers will see the information in their own language.

If you are already using taxonomies, we can help you import the ones you have, and if your goal is to create taxonomies, we can help you easily create them, and export in the format you choose.

Furthermore, you can create thesauri, ontologies by adding semantic relationships. You can use them either for automatic processing, or simply to help your customers find specific information related to each other. Again we can help you design ways to automatically create those relationships according to your specific needs and provide you with easy ways to curate the relationships by hand.

You can link every topic to the sources where it occurs, thus enabling navigation within your information repository.

Our technology lets you update and tweak the information content at any time. Everything already presents reconfigures itself automatically.