The Infoloom Team
Michel Biezunski

Michel Biezunski is Infoloom’s founder and CEO. He is an innovator who anticipates where the market is heading. He pioneered knowledge graph applications and was the co-creator of the topic maps standard. He has always prioritized user engagement, as well as the ability of people to own their information, despite increasingly complex technology. Thanks to his scientific background, he was able to transition from an expertise in XML publishing applications to full stack development including single-page applications.

He holds a Ph.D in physics (1981) from Université Paris VII. He started his career in scientific publishing, then became a Professor at an engineering school, and a consultant in information management before becoming an entrepreneur and moving to the US in 2001. He was responsible for deploying topic map applications, most notably Tax Map for the Internal Revenue Service as well as for the New York University Library Digital Services.

His most recent publications include: Topic Maps and the Essence of Indexing, The Indexer, Vol. 36. No. 4, December 2018 and Topic Maps Now,, 23 June 2017.

Matthew Nishi-Broach

Matthew Nishi-Broach is Infoloom’s Chief Technologist and a senior software developer who’s specialized in back end and front end applications. Matt spearheads development of Infoloom knowledge graph solutions, including the creation of client-specific data processing tools. He works with end-users to develop our data curation interfaces, and he also develops and manages Infoloom’s infrastructure and DevOps pipelines.

Matt's background is in philosophy and art at Yale University and he holds a Master of Fine Arts (2013) from California Institute of the Arts in Experimental Animation/Integrated Media. He has been an Adjunct Lecturer at both Brooklyn College and Rutgers University, where he taught classes in multimedia and graphic design. During 2015, Matt was Visiting Artist at Pratt Institute.

Alexander Weinberg

Alexander Weinberg is a Digital Transformation, Big Data, and Machine Learning product leader who has held senior roles across Financial Services, Fintech, and Insurtech, including at JPMorgan Chase, where he optimized processes and overhauled the bank's data and analytics strategy, At Openfin, he rebuilt the software development lifecycle and implemented an analytics suite, and at Resilient he oversaw Product, Strategy and Operations for the firm.

Xander excels at helping client companies scale operations, digitize processes, orchestrate enterprise datasets, and implement machine learning across their businesses. That includes enabling them to optimize their existing technology assets and processes as well as to develop holistic processes and strategies so that an enterprise is prepared to leap ahead when it faces the next big disruption.  Xander holds a BA in Psychology, with a focus on Neuroscience, from Binghamton University.