[topicmapmail] RDFa through Topic Maps glasses

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Fri Sep 17 10:02:48 EDT 2010

> The RDF 2 Topic Maps service reads web pages annotated with RDFa and
> emits a topic map.

> <http://www.connectors.de/p/flat_line_spool_with_nylon_webbing-8551.en>
> as CTM:

> <http://ws.mappify.org/rdf2tm/?rdf=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.connectors.de/p/flat_line_spool_with_nylon_webbing-8551.en&map=http://mappify.googlecode.com/svn/sandbox/example/rdfa.crtm&out=ctm>

This example or my wording or both caused some confusion.

Please note that the service cannot convert arbitrary RDFa + HTML
pages into a topic map. You need to specify a mapping. And the mapping
file <http://mappify.googlecode.com/svn/sandbox/example/rdfa.crtm>
maps just a subset of the GoodRelations tiples to Topic Maps (plus
some FOAF / common RDF triples).

Further, the mapping is not very useful since it uses PSIs like
<http://psi.example.org/offerer> which do not exist.

Users may provide mappings either in an RDF format [1] or in CRTM [2].

[1] <http://www.ontopia.net/topicmaps/materials/rdf2tm.html>
[2] <http://www.semagia.com/tr/crtm/>

Best regards,

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