[topicmapmail] Weekly binge : Do we care about subjects that much?

Murray Altheim murray09 at altheim.com
Wed Oct 14 17:25:26 EDT 2009

Lars Marius Garshol wrote:
> * Murray Altheim
>> I have a persistent identifier project on hold (due to a current
>> business priority) that will be revisited in the next few months,
>> and its web service in the current prototype delivers XHTML, plain
>> text, RSS, Atom, and I have a slot for XTM that as yet has no
>> transformer. If anyone already has or is moving towards a
>> "standard" approach to delivering XTM fragments that establish
>> (for a given context) a subject identifier via delivery of such
>> fragments, I'd be very interested in learning of that work.
> What you are describing sounds an awful lot like Subj3ct.com's Atom  
> feeds:
>    https://subj3ct.com/docs/api/AtomExtensions
> Or, if you care more about the fragments than about the PSIs, SDShare:
>    http://www.egovpt.org/fg/CWA_Part_1b

Hi Lars Marius,

Well, no, the primary driver for the project is the persistent identifier
part, but as a web service I want it to permit alternative resolution to
various differing forms of the metadata record and/or some kind of
suitable representation that can be re-used in other systems. This is
possibly to be married with another Topic Map-based web service, so the
two would work in tandem.

Thanks for the links, will check them out,


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