[topicmapmail] Weekly binge : Do we care about subjects that much?

Lars Marius Garshol larsga at garshol.priv.no
Wed Oct 14 15:52:36 EDT 2009

* Murray Altheim
> I have a persistent identifier project on hold (due to a current
> business priority) that will be revisited in the next few months,
> and its web service in the current prototype delivers XHTML, plain
> text, RSS, Atom, and I have a slot for XTM that as yet has no
> transformer. If anyone already has or is moving towards a
> "standard" approach to delivering XTM fragments that establish
> (for a given context) a subject identifier via delivery of such
> fragments, I'd be very interested in learning of that work.

What you are describing sounds an awful lot like Subj3ct.com's Atom  

Or, if you care more about the fragments than about the PSIs, SDShare:

--Lars M.

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