[topicmapmail] ANN: tinyTiM 2.0.0a5 released

Lars Heuer heuer at semagia.com
Thu Jul 23 13:36:16 EDT 2009

Hi all,

The tinyTiM project proudly announces the availability of a new
release of the tinyTiM Topic Maps engine.

This release implements the TMAPI 2.0 a2 interfaces.

You can download it from tinyTiM's project page

* JTMTopicMapReader / JTMTopicMapWriter implement the new JSON Topic Maps
  specification (<http://www.cerny-online.com/jtm/1.0/>
* LTMTopicMapReader: Configurable reification handling
* Updated to TMAPI 2.0a2
* Updated TMCL constants (implemented by Hannes Niederhausen)

* XTM 2.0 importer sets the reifier of a merged-in topic map to
  the master topic map. Correct behaviour: Just import the topic but
  loose the reified topic map.
* Validation of XTM 1.0 and 2.0 sources against a RELAX-NG schema
  did not work in all cases, fixed in "semagia-mio-xtm-0.9.4.jar"
* XTM 1.0 <mergeMap/> didn't work, fixed
* Bug #2560821 -- XTM 1.0 serializer uses wrong element for type
  reported by Jens Rummler
* Bug #2540490 -- Using QName in isa/ako throws syntax error
  (CTM libs) reported by Stefan Kesberg
* XTM 1.0 writer forgot to add a <variantName/> element to the output.
* Bug #2812460 -- Port the Check class from Ontopia back to tinyTiM
* Bug #2809821 -- Ensure same topic map constraint
* Bug #2561306 -- Move TinyTimMapInputHandler to the core
* Bug #2824834 -- Reifier at duplicate construct fails
* Bug #2824837 -- Same iid at a duplicate statement does not work

What is tinyTiM?
tinyTiM is a tiny Topic Maps engine which keeps topic maps in-memory.
This Topic Maps engine is meant to be used together with the TMAPI 2.0
interfaces, see <http://www.tmapi.org/2.0/> for details.

Feedback is welcome! :)

Best regards,


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