[topicmapmail] SDShare (was TMShare)

Marc Wilhelm Küster kuester at fh-worms.de
Wed Nov 19 05:05:14 EST 2008

Dear Colleagues,

Graham and I have updated the protocol for the syndication of semantic
descriptions, now named SDShare. I hope that
http://www.egovpt.org/fg/CWA_Part_1b now answers most of your comments
and corrections – our special thanks to Lars Heuer for his many

Thanks also to Lars Marius for his suggestions in the blog. We've not
yet formalized the use of the Atom Publishing Protocol for now, but for
pushing data on the server it is certainly the most promising option and
is the next step to take (cf. also section 6.6 of the spec).

Your continued comments and criticism are, of course, highly welcome!

Best regards,


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