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The Boeing Company 

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Employs      Baum, Larry S.    November 1998
Employs      Baum, Lawrence S.    May 1999
Employs      Boose, John H.    November 1998
Employs      Chew, Susan C.    November 1998
Employs      Cruikshank, Dave    May 1999
Employs      Robinson, Molly L.    November 1998
Employs      Shema, David B.    November 1998
Located_in      Seattle    November 1998
  The Boeing Company PO Box 3707 M/S 2L-17 Seattle Washington
  XML and the ATA Interchange Model Dave Cruikshank Senior
  Graphical Hotspot Definition - A Common ATA/AECMA Approach
  Dave Shema is currently working in the areas of raster and
  Molly is currently working with Boeing Commercial Airplane
  His specialties include intelligent graphics, structured
  His specialties include knowledge acquisition (from both
  Case Study: Boeing Intelligent Graphics for Airplane
  Susan C. Chew Advanced Computing Technologist The Boeing
  Molly L. Robinson Advanced Computing Technologist The
  Larry S. Baum Associate Technical Fellow The Boeing Company
  John H. Boose Technical Fellow The Boeing Company P.O. Box
  David B. Shema Associate Technical Fellow The Boeing
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